Best Practices for starting, running and succeeding as an independent HR Consultant.THE IDEAEXCHANGE:

The Idea Exchange - Best Practices for starting, running and succeeding as an independent HR Consultant

  • What are some clever ways to start your consulting business?
  • What are your strengths that you could use to establish a consultancy?
  • How do you price your consulting work?

This idea exchange is for current HR consultants as well as those who are just exploring the idea

The Format

You'll have a chance to meet other HR and business professionals in small group video conversations, discuss the perks and approaches to an HR Consultancy, and share and discuss ideas for your own entrepreneurial success. Come prepared to brag about what’s working for you if you are already doing consulting work. Or come and snag some key take-aways to take with you to launch your own HR Consulting Business. THIS IS NOT YOUR MAMA's WEBINAR - this is an interactive discussion. Below is a sample video to illustrate how this conversation format works.

How the VoiceVoice platform works.

About HR Girlfriends

HR Girlfriends makes it possible for the women of Human Resources to connect for knowledge sharing, resource swapping, professional development and personal growth opportunities. Live Anywhere. Work Anywhere. We got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

We designed this conversation to be an ongoing series of live group video conversations, with each new group contributing their own unique ideas and voices to the greater discussion. We will take the notes and contributions from the many group conversations and synthesize the learnings and findings into a single, powerful document to share with everyone who participated. Where the conversation goes from there, we will look to the community for your input.
You'll meet (and speak with) other professionals in small group video conversations, surface the challenges emerging from this pandemic, and share and discuss ideas (including across groups) for alternative ways of moving towards common objectives in this crisis. You will be given a series of open-ended questions for your roundtable. There will be an Agenda & Notes available—a shared, editable document where you each add in your notes. Where the conversation leads will be up to your group.
These roundtable events do not require a moderator. Unlike in webinars or video chat meetings, with VoiceVoice, there’s no live presenter or facilitator, the conversation that participants have is guided and structured using pre-recorded content that we’ve created. Don’t be surprised if you see our Chief Girlfriend, Sana Rasul popping in to your group to say Hello.
We suggest blocking 1.5 hrs, people often want to stay and connect afterwards with the other thought leaders. If you can’t stay the full-time, come any way and contribute for as long as you can.
VoiceVoice is a new way to engage your audience by connecting like-minded people in guided, face to face, live video conversations. Our customers include the Obama White House and campaign organizations, Airbnb, the World Bank, Stanford University, and thousands of others, hosting more than 8 million participants.

We are hosting these online panels as part of our mission as a company: to light up the world with the power of purposeful, large scale conversations that drive positive change.

In full transparency, we’ve seen that participants on the new platform become prospective customers when/if they have a need to engage people virtually. So rather than sell the platform, we’re creating this series to generate real value in conversation with educational technology leaders and other impacted professionals.

More Info about VoiceVoice
Conversations have pre-set times created by the author of the conversation, those times are public and anyone can register. When you create your own times those are private to you, so only you and the people whom you share the registration link with can register. This is ideal if you want to have the conversation with a group of friends or colleagues.

To get started click the link below:

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