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Let's talk environmental conservation, protection and rehabilitation

Welcome to the Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan for Beijing + 25 thematic conversation series.

As we prepare to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Beijing, take stock of our progress towards achieving gender equality and examine the threats, barriers and gaps that remain, we do not have to reinvent the wheel. Let us use the Beijing Platform for Action, CEDAW and other human rights treaties, the SDGs, as well as a host of other international commitments such as the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action, New Urban Agenda of Habitat, UN SC resolution #1325 and related resolutions and the Paris Climate Accord to measure our progress and make our demands clear.

You have been invited to these virtual dialogues because of your activism and deep passion for gender equality and women’s human rights.

Our goal is to build community and create new alliances. Let’s work together towards a transformative framework for a Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan (fwMAP).

The conversation today is an interactive, small-group video conversation about "Environmental conservation, protection and rehabilitation.”

“Environmental conservation, protection and rehabilitation” is one of six Thematic Working Groups that is part of the large global Beijing + 25 Advisory Committee Working Group.

This conversation covers the Beijing Platform for Action critical areas of concern: Women and the environment and Women and health. The cross-cutting issues are Human rights of Women and the girl child, + CEDAW + SDG targets.

We are looking forward to having you join the conversation. Before jumping in we are asking everyone to read these articles about Environmental conservation, protection and rehabilitation.


A sample online video conversation in the VoiceVoice platform.

You can make a valuable contribution to the fwMAP for Beijing+25. We’ll see you in the conversation!

Frequently Asked Questions

These conversations represent a bold, first-of-its-kind pilot program to bring together people who have an interest and deep passion for gender equality and women’s human rights in a virtual discussion about how the feminist and women’s movements can use Beijing + 25 to advance a Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan with generation equality, and to promote accountability and achieve a gender-equitable and sustainable world.

The purpose of these virtual dialogues is to gather your experiences and ideas as a contribution to the Feminist and Women’s Movement Action Plan for Beijing +25.

See details about the Feminist Action Plan for Beijing +25
Movers and shakers come together in a video/voice conversation with instructions provided within the VoiceVoice platform to address the topic: Inclusive Development, Shared Prosperity and Decent Work”, including the following critical areas of concern: Women and poverty, Women and the economy, Human Rights of Women, the girl child, and Women and health + CEDAW + SDG targets.

One important note: this is not a webinar or lecture. This is a conversation. It’s your chance to collaborate with other people around the world on this important issue. You can also hear from thought leaders working towards women’s human rights and gender equality.
People like you who represent the creativity and diversity of the feminist and women’s movement will get an online invitation to join a virtual conversation. Please sign up for a time that works in your timezone. When it‘s time to join the conversation, you will begin the group conversation.

The group is its own moderator and has full control over how to move through the discussion. You watch videos together, decide when to move to the discussion questions, and choose actions at the end. Here’s a sample video to illustrate how this conversation format works.
The drivers for the fwMAP are Soon-Young Yoon, UN representative for the International Alliance of Women, Melissa Upreti and Krishanti Dhamaraj, of the Center for Women’s Global Leadership. This process is an outgrowth of the Beijing + 25 Global Advisory Working Group, facilitated by the NGO CSW/NY.
Please see the list of upcoming conversation times listed above and register for the time that works for you. If none of the listed times work for you, we encourage you to sign up for our email list for future announcements AND email us with some dates/times that may work for you.

Make sure to include “Theme 1: Inclusive Development, Shared Prosperity and Decent Work” in the subject line. We’re scheduling these online meetups several times (afternoon, evening, and an occasional weekend time) over the next few months in the lead up to and after the UN General Assembly meeting in September and would love to have you join a conversation.
VoiceVoice is a conversation company. We previously developed MaestroConference, a virtual conferencing technology which has been used by over 8 million participants. Customers include NextDoor, Stanford University,, Airbnb, National Science Foundation, the Atlantic, among many others.

We’re now working with the VoiceVoice platform, to go beyond traditional conferencing software with a new technology that enables people to have great conversations, perpetually and at scale. This freedom to choose times will enable conversations to happen around the world--working in different time zones.
Want more chances to connect with other people who have an interest and deep passion for gender equality and women’s human rights? Register for the fwMAP thematic groups.

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